Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chokeaholic Bambozooka..

Kiryu. says:
haihh. i need to go checkup
blood tes t ladeeda

N33R3S says:
dats fairly fast wat
huh blood tst?

Kiryu. says:
yeah for med must do

N33R3S says:
how come eh
Abbby says:
"D" fo
to prove that he is fertile!

Monday, March 16, 2009

What will I become of...

Time really flies like nobody's business. After graduating last year, I can feel my brain already rotting How do I know it? I'm practically struggling with my spellings here..Yes to update u peeps, I'm going to start working in IBM most prolly next month..It seems like just yesterday I was going to leave for Melb..I really treasure the times I had with Melb and the people I have grown to know there as well, missing my ai ren most and mr steak =(
Ofcourse there were the good times as well as the bad times, do I think that I could have handled things differently? Ofcourse, do I think that I could have filled my time with more meaningful acts? Ofcourse, do I think that I should have studied harder? Bah ..I guess time has taught me not to live knowing ur life will be full or I making any sense? Brain Rot Alert ...Therefore, I feel that I have grown more appreciative of everything..even the smallest token.

I want to work hard at the job I'm given, thus I hope that I wont bring my spirit of bad memory + lazyness along (shoves it of my shoulder and dumps it)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When ur bz n lz ur damn bz..

'I Love You Om' has to be one of the most interesting love story I've ever seen, in addition to the fact that I don't really fancy love/ romance movies. It's a good film from Indonesia produced in 2006. It's about a love story between a very rich 12 year old girl who was neglected by her single parent careerwise mum and a 27 year old man who works at a rental video shop. And if you want to find out if their love survived, watch the friggin movie. Where? Well I watched it on friggin Astro Kirana channel 122. It's really about how love is perceived by the society. Some ppl can handle it, some refuse to. The little girl who acted as 12 year old Dion was so amazing, bet she could just kick Dakota's arse. Seriously.

Moving on to my life, ahhh.. I have successfully 'or not' gone through my interview presentation last Thursday. To recap, I applied for CIMB Management Trainee (Complete Bankers Prog) and went through the 3rd stage with a whole lot of effort n crap. Effort , props to a whole day research and work just for the presentation, Crap, I stuttered and gave a quite poor presentation due to the fact that my interviewee gave not much of a response to me, like Halo..look at me la -_-
Well I can only hope that I will receive the next call from them for the final interview *crossed fingers*

Saturday, January 24, 2009

One In A Million (local singin competition) 3rd season?

Omg I just watched One In a Million, Paul's jokes are beyond funny, "Lame/Loser". Seriously.
I'm growing to despise that show even more than previous seasons and the hosts mentioned something about making this season the best compared to previous ones. C'mon. Half of the people who got into the audition today could never have made it into even a high school competition, only a handful were quite original and talented.
Seriously, Paul and Syafinaz, don't step on your own heads..and the video edited for the show is so obviously abit 'CHARCAT' , won't go into detail here since it's not my line of expertise BUT it's seriously flawed.

Well anyways, been for CIMB Management Trainee interview the day b4r yest and I had my IQ test the following day, for ur infor, the training has 4 stages..the interview, the test, presentation and finally TADA interview with the chief of HR..Seriously, I was kinda intimidated by the people on the same boat as me there mainly coz more than half of them graduated from their masters already.
Anyway for those wondering what the IQ test is like.. takes around 40 minutes altogether..there are 5 sections which I can't remember now but mainly I felt speed and accuracy were will have a few minutes for one section and you only have to answer as many as u can..if u complete em in time, I salute u