Monday, March 16, 2009

What will I become of...

Time really flies like nobody's business. After graduating last year, I can feel my brain already rotting How do I know it? I'm practically struggling with my spellings here..Yes to update u peeps, I'm going to start working in IBM most prolly next month..It seems like just yesterday I was going to leave for Melb..I really treasure the times I had with Melb and the people I have grown to know there as well, missing my ai ren most and mr steak =(
Ofcourse there were the good times as well as the bad times, do I think that I could have handled things differently? Ofcourse, do I think that I could have filled my time with more meaningful acts? Ofcourse, do I think that I should have studied harder? Bah ..I guess time has taught me not to live knowing ur life will be full or I making any sense? Brain Rot Alert ...Therefore, I feel that I have grown more appreciative of everything..even the smallest token.

I want to work hard at the job I'm given, thus I hope that I wont bring my spirit of bad memory + lazyness along (shoves it of my shoulder and dumps it)