Saturday, January 24, 2009

One In A Million (local singin competition) 3rd season?

Omg I just watched One In a Million, Paul's jokes are beyond funny, "Lame/Loser". Seriously.
I'm growing to despise that show even more than previous seasons and the hosts mentioned something about making this season the best compared to previous ones. C'mon. Half of the people who got into the audition today could never have made it into even a high school competition, only a handful were quite original and talented.
Seriously, Paul and Syafinaz, don't step on your own heads..and the video edited for the show is so obviously abit 'CHARCAT' , won't go into detail here since it's not my line of expertise BUT it's seriously flawed.

Well anyways, been for CIMB Management Trainee interview the day b4r yest and I had my IQ test the following day, for ur infor, the training has 4 stages..the interview, the test, presentation and finally TADA interview with the chief of HR..Seriously, I was kinda intimidated by the people on the same boat as me there mainly coz more than half of them graduated from their masters already.
Anyway for those wondering what the IQ test is like.. takes around 40 minutes altogether..there are 5 sections which I can't remember now but mainly I felt speed and accuracy were will have a few minutes for one section and you only have to answer as many as u can..if u complete em in time, I salute u

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)

Just watched a documentary about this serial killer at Poughkeepsie.
This serial killer films footages of his serial events and keeps them as a record. The footages were rather disturbing. It started with a small kid and the worst was Cheryl Demsey. She was kidnapped from her home, leaving her boyfriend dead ( some of his organs were showing up and his genitals was in the masterbedroom drawer) . She was kept in 'his' dungeon aka basement? as a slave. Yeah slave. Another disturbing video was where the officials claim they have found fingerprints on a cup in a victims home which was linked to a police officer name James? cant remember, but yeah he couldn't come up with any alibi so he was sentenced to death. AND THEN James's partner received a map saying 'you missed one'. OH Shiet, ....yeah the serial killer used judgement to murder a police. Yes they found Cheryl Demsey who was brutally abused and she told her mum ' I want to go home..I want to go home'...but her mum found out..she wants to go back home not home.
Ahh here comes the disturbing part, they interviewed Cheryl Demsey after I'm not sure how long after the incident, she said 'I don't know what you want me to say' and she is waiting for HIM.
okay here comes the bigger shiatus, THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES (2007) is only a movie. A faux documentary.FULL STOP.

dayummm got all of us disturbed and startled at the last part. yeah and so some research left us feeling hurt and cheated hahah. But I must say a good faux doc although some interview scenes were abit fake ;) 9.9/10!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Depriving Kids Today of Fairytales

Parents today are preventing their kids today from watching or reading fairytale books. Like wooot. and the reasons are superduperly in Red Riding Hood, she walks alone in the woods and her grandmother was eaten by a wolf HAHHA..ooh and in Rapunzel..ur thinking like what in Rapunzel? Guilty for having a long hair? LOL NO, Rapunzel's tower is too dark..Mostly are because the fairytales are associated with children having nightmares..C'mon I was watching Chuck and Freddy battling out with Jason since I was young and I cherish my nightmares..omg parents today are so lucky I'm striked with short termed memory that I can't remember what else there were.

We cherish these fairytales because they are childhood memories so take out your wallet and don't come up with an excuse to save for your own stuff!!