Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Depriving Kids Today of Fairytales

Parents today are preventing their kids today from watching or reading fairytale books. Like wooot. and the reasons are superduperly in Red Riding Hood, she walks alone in the woods and her grandmother was eaten by a wolf HAHHA..ooh and in Rapunzel..ur thinking like what in Rapunzel? Guilty for having a long hair? LOL NO, Rapunzel's tower is too dark..Mostly are because the fairytales are associated with children having nightmares..C'mon I was watching Chuck and Freddy battling out with Jason since I was young and I cherish my nightmares..omg parents today are so lucky I'm striked with short termed memory that I can't remember what else there were.

We cherish these fairytales because they are childhood memories so take out your wallet and don't come up with an excuse to save for your own stuff!!

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