Friday, May 16, 2008

A used Turban costs around $150

I am beyond speechless

I stumbled upon this on ebay. I know. What is a Turban Mold doing on ebay .. it costs around 150 omg..faints*

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time friggin cepat

Man so tired today, suppose to have group meeting at Hargraves..mana tau they block the short pathway and make everyone take a BIG round ( though there was a shorter route BUT I was unaware so it's basically still Monashs punya fault) suka cari pasal la this Monash..
I don't know why my group started the assignment so LATEEE!! I think it's the nature of 'lam yan' always last minute..seriously I feel okay but don't know why I look like a zombie..thats wat Ive been told..ohhLite!! latest updatus is Melbourne is getting pretty dangerous nowadays , shoot here shoot there, wah scary man.. Oh and the funniest thing was WeeFong was saying that if she stumbled upon an accident, she'd rather die than be on a wheelchair..which ofcoz total rewinds u bak to One Litre Of Tears where she became a burden to ppl around her ANDD WeeFong dont wana end up like that (A BURDEN) ..But personally I feel when you fall and people offer u help don't be reluctant to accept BUT don't entirely rely on them, I guess u must learn how 2 be more independent than before but I'm sure if u can get throught that, u can get through a higher obstacle in da future..ofcoz I believe eventually u will be rewarded : )
Blardee fool then what did I do to deserve this stupid MarketingResearchMethods assignment..... >.<

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jason Castro use to rock...used to

When I look back at Jason Castro of American Idols yst, man he totally changed how 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' is suppose 2 b like u know, thats why I love him, not very suitable for Idol though so I don't really care if he got eliminated..Darn yst was damn tiring coz why? no car lor, super mafan no car here..have to carry heavy groceries like strong man..Met my bro for kebabs yst and that was a killer..i asked him to order the family platter.. 'Family' but there was only me n him..totally butchered by the food here

OH and Happy Belated Birthday to MingYang boy who turned 20 this year, small kiddo hoho..and so we had a feast yest at Sofia's to celebrate and after that we went to Crown casino becoz he had never been there..haih better get back to assignments d *faints* feeling abit pumped up after watchin One Litre of Tears again hehe..that show is one heck of a motivator

From left , MingY chopchop cake, food, more food.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Life is unfair.

I bet lotsa ppl have heard about the cyclone that hit Burma during the weekend I think, up to date 100,000 people have been killed, like omg that is one huge huge sum and like 1,000,000 is currently in need for shelter, the US president and Australian prime minister appealed to the Burmese government to accept their assistance..hmm this is weird, must appeal? Is there something I don't know about the political collusion between the Burma govt and the US+ AUst? But seriously, I've given a thought about this..yst I was just having curry for dinner ( wah imagine bread dip in curry ~*heaven*~)..and in the other part of the world, people are desperate for even just for a bite of bread..and I had bread to dip in curry, that does not make me evil does it??
Life is unfair. Okie skip it..dam sad la tok about Burmese victim while I can't do anything.
Yesterday I just had a long chat with my good fren Annie, dam that felt good hahah..and congrats to Annie for feeling what she never really felt before..Dam I miss home..Howz Richie boy?? I bet his pissing everywhere in the house and my Dad will prolly step on it :D
Wah dam kao piss, at this very moment Brenda show me that my camera can be purchased for 50 bux cheaper....WAHLAO, 5 meals there..MYERs barang is a total ripoff

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

woohoo backk!

Yes after a billion years I'm finally back again...and ofcoz the reason behind it is because I've been reading lotsa comments about Malaysian Online DreamGirl Thingy..It's kinda like a Malaysia Next Model Search contest but it's an online thing. Wah, like who knew Malaysian could have caused such controversy.. I read that Cindy (The winner), her dad paid to ensure her spot as the winner , I really have no comment on this because I don't have prove BUT surely her family had something to do with her winning. WHY? u ask me? aiyoh the dummy Elaine Daly make it so obvious on stage that she despise Cindy, Damn I was so wrong looking up to ELaine Daly becoz I tot she wus kinda H0t..Yeah u wana know wat happened? This is what happened, when she Elaine wus introducing the 3 top Finalists on stage, ON STAGE u see...she kinda like only mentioned she saw like both ADELINE and HANIS ( top 3 finalists) blossomed throughout the competition, TILL Cindy's turn was like a *PIAKPIAK* on Cindy's face...Elaine Daly just blurt out on stage that Cindy had a great family her opinion is that CINDY can remain as the top 3 because of her family only...HEy u haven't heard about the dumbest part of THIS ok, Elaine Daly asked Cindy's father to raise his hand, like WTF WTF, ur either dumb or stupid, I don't see any other explanation for dis act.
I don't know if anyone really listened but before introducing the 3 finalists, ELaine Daly Cakap, in her so slumber hosting that is horrible way, "This competition is solely based on SMS only, so if you don't like the winners yada yada (which of course she knew was WHOM)" she mentioned like don't come and hunt the judges or something.
Why didn't she do something about it if she so not satisfied? Don't say rubbish like I can't becoz yada yada yada, U CAN IF U WANT TO. Heard that Elaine graduated with a law degree, so tiu kah the law grads only.
YEAH anyways MOI! got a new camera, WHY? 1st : saya takde satu 2nd : take pics of barang to sell on Ebay >.<

But from this I also learn that if u wana get something from MAMA, u just gota get straight to the point
LAST TIME ' MAh, I don't have this yada, I need this to yada' probability that it works = 40%
NOW ' MAh, Can I buy yada?' probability that it works = 90%
ASKINg my Dad is 100% Canon 80IS , yoyo it's pinko!!