Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jason Castro use to rock...used to

When I look back at Jason Castro of American Idols yst, man he totally changed how 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' is suppose 2 b like u know, thats why I love him, not very suitable for Idol though so I don't really care if he got eliminated..Darn yst was damn tiring coz why? no car lor, super mafan no car here..have to carry heavy groceries like strong man..Met my bro for kebabs yst and that was a killer..i asked him to order the family platter.. 'Family' but there was only me n him..totally butchered by the food here

OH and Happy Belated Birthday to MingYang boy who turned 20 this year, small kiddo hoho..and so we had a feast yest at Sofia's to celebrate and after that we went to Crown casino becoz he had never been there..haih better get back to assignments d *faints* feeling abit pumped up after watchin One Litre of Tears again hehe..that show is one heck of a motivator

From left , MingY chopchop cake, food, more food.


XiaoWenYee said...

wah~i wanna eat pasta >"<

N33R3S said...

aiyoh got wendy's still wan pasta greedy la

XiaoWenYee said...

ahahaha~i love pasta wat <3