Wednesday, May 07, 2008

woohoo backk!

Yes after a billion years I'm finally back again...and ofcoz the reason behind it is because I've been reading lotsa comments about Malaysian Online DreamGirl Thingy..It's kinda like a Malaysia Next Model Search contest but it's an online thing. Wah, like who knew Malaysian could have caused such controversy.. I read that Cindy (The winner), her dad paid to ensure her spot as the winner , I really have no comment on this because I don't have prove BUT surely her family had something to do with her winning. WHY? u ask me? aiyoh the dummy Elaine Daly make it so obvious on stage that she despise Cindy, Damn I was so wrong looking up to ELaine Daly becoz I tot she wus kinda H0t..Yeah u wana know wat happened? This is what happened, when she Elaine wus introducing the 3 top Finalists on stage, ON STAGE u see...she kinda like only mentioned she saw like both ADELINE and HANIS ( top 3 finalists) blossomed throughout the competition, TILL Cindy's turn was like a *PIAKPIAK* on Cindy's face...Elaine Daly just blurt out on stage that Cindy had a great family her opinion is that CINDY can remain as the top 3 because of her family only...HEy u haven't heard about the dumbest part of THIS ok, Elaine Daly asked Cindy's father to raise his hand, like WTF WTF, ur either dumb or stupid, I don't see any other explanation for dis act.
I don't know if anyone really listened but before introducing the 3 finalists, ELaine Daly Cakap, in her so slumber hosting that is horrible way, "This competition is solely based on SMS only, so if you don't like the winners yada yada (which of course she knew was WHOM)" she mentioned like don't come and hunt the judges or something.
Why didn't she do something about it if she so not satisfied? Don't say rubbish like I can't becoz yada yada yada, U CAN IF U WANT TO. Heard that Elaine graduated with a law degree, so tiu kah the law grads only.
YEAH anyways MOI! got a new camera, WHY? 1st : saya takde satu 2nd : take pics of barang to sell on Ebay >.<

But from this I also learn that if u wana get something from MAMA, u just gota get straight to the point
LAST TIME ' MAh, I don't have this yada, I need this to yada' probability that it works = 40%
NOW ' MAh, Can I buy yada?' probability that it works = 90%
ASKINg my Dad is 100% Canon 80IS , yoyo it's pinko!!


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

XiaoWenYee said...

F-U-Y-O-H,love yr camera so much!!!!
wat u gonna sell at ebay?!
update me ya *XOXO*