Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time friggin cepat

Man so tired today, suppose to have group meeting at Hargraves..mana tau they block the short pathway and make everyone take a BIG round ( though there was a shorter route BUT I was unaware so it's basically still Monashs punya fault) suka cari pasal la this Monash..
I don't know why my group started the assignment so LATEEE!! I think it's the nature of 'lam yan' always last minute..seriously I feel okay but don't know why I look like a zombie..thats wat Ive been told..ohhLite!! latest updatus is Melbourne is getting pretty dangerous nowadays , shoot here shoot there, wah scary man.. Oh and the funniest thing was WeeFong was saying that if she stumbled upon an accident, she'd rather die than be on a wheelchair..which ofcoz total rewinds u bak to One Litre Of Tears where she became a burden to ppl around her ANDD WeeFong dont wana end up like that (A BURDEN) ..But personally I feel when you fall and people offer u help don't be reluctant to accept BUT don't entirely rely on them, I guess u must learn how 2 be more independent than before but I'm sure if u can get throught that, u can get through a higher obstacle in da future..ofcoz I believe eventually u will be rewarded : )
Blardee fool then what did I do to deserve this stupid MarketingResearchMethods assignment..... >.<

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