Thursday, July 31, 2008


People make the worst mistakes ever, but where there is a will there's a way, so there's gotta b a way to correct it right? Why let the mistakes drag longer? fix it, don't just put action into words, put words into action alritey mate?

Malaysia authorities won in their bid to ban an Indonesian singer Inul Daratista from performing. Major reason was? "Erotic" plainly gibberish. Because she had drilling moves. LOL .
What a cracker!! History repeats itself if u get wat i mean ;)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fries attack!

I know okie it looks awesomely mouth-watering. It's topped with cheese curd and some gravy. damn i wish i was in ny.

And this is topped with cheese, guacamole, sour cream and some meat? Just head to ur nearest Mexican rest. and ask for Asada fries.
YUM plain yummy.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trouble in every paradise?

Trouble seems to be knocking on evryone's door today, can't deny when it comes to thee as well. And so how do u deal wit trouble knockin at ur door? I suppose my way of dealing with them is by sorting it out by urself. Bring on that challenge biatchh!! yeah that kinda way. You can talk to ur friends about it obviously but hey ur friends can only give u second opinions or make u feel better the end u face this battle alone..What u can try NOT TO DO is runaway from it. And remember in the battle u don't want to win or lose, u only want the lesson u can learn from it which makes u stronger in each and every way. OKay.. ermm am I making any sense here? Oh what the hey.. here are the pics I promised ;)

Welcome to Miss Marples! Second from left is oh the very famous scones at Miss Marples, and the oh so yummy drink is the Lindt dark hot choco drink! slurrppp. And the bistro at skyhigh.

Scones with homemade jam and whipcream :) thats the way! plus breathtaking view! mamamia! U could even see CBD from there ;) well from here we can tell Melbourne not a very 'building' country hohoho

Mt Dandenong!

Whee went to Mt Dandenong today, that . was . a . blast. heheh oh well yeah the fact that it's not freezing adds to the awesomeness. Obviously we went there to eat drink and eat plus abit of ' I'm aMAZEd game' (don blame me, that's what they wrote on the badge, the so called reward for finishing the maze).
Stop number one is ofcourse Miss Marple's tea house for their famous scones but since it was full we had to wait for like 20 mins, gotta axed that out from the 1st stop. During the wait we went for the oh very yummyfeelslikei'minheaven Lindt dark hot chocolate nearby. one word 'xing fu' hehe...The scones at Miss Marple's are not like to die for but the ambience there kills, it's just so 'Cheers' feeling. erm abit of a teapot club feeling because we were surrounded by em.
Next we went to the top known as skyhigh to have a peekaboomboom but there weren't alot in particular other than the breathtaking view. Well and also 'I'm aMAZEd' maze that is.
Ahh tired, btw Wii kills it's like worst than cardio exercise, highly recommended for fat burnout. Will post pics from the trip in the next post I think. I hope. can't promise.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Catchy ;)

LOL just heard this line on tv
Guy said to this chick "You look hot", girl replied "Doooo I?" with a flattered gawd is the most awesome day look and the guy replied "Flushed, over-heated". amazing.

Monday, July 21, 2008

BIG sigh..

Having alot loada trouble to pick one elective, first I chose BHS which I thought would be pretty easy till I saw the assignment Q. It's like a choice between Terrorism, Rudd and Aboriginals in Ozzie and one more which I forgot and it's like I have really shallow knowledge about all of it. And so i dropped it and took another sub, then another one because one is the toughest in the particular major and one is really hard to score. and so I took introduction to tourism, looks kinda interesting and I think I made the right choice, I hope.
When I think about me graduating this year, it's like KAbOOOOM..harsh so harsh, I wana remain a is so good dis way, and when I think bout applying the PR and stuff it really drives me nuts because I know I have to get an agent but my bum is heavy
Moi parents sent me an email because they're worried that I'll be angry and dissapointed becoz they won't be able to make it to my graduation ceremony, it brought me to tears because I'm really dissapointed but ofcoz who am i to be angry * not like i frigging got first honours or sumthin*

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dear Rainbow : )

Never really did like the rainy days here, but without em mrs rainbow wont pop out

Monday, July 14, 2008


Can't believe Im having my 1st class of my final sem 2morrow, darn many friends have left yet I didn't have the chance to say goodbye, Mel is flying back 2morrow.. hope u will have a safe flight, with less one person in the house its friggin obvious things will be abit differrent but ofcourse on the bright side 2 of my good frens are coming to melbie for hols :)
cant wait till i c u guys
been playing with Wee's Wii heheh, cooking mama is pretty interesting, but truthfully once u get a hand of it and no doubt anyone can get a hang of it, its pretty...siennss coz it's got the same pattern for different dishes and I disliked how it made me very hungry...have been pretty lucky lately coz Wee just got her baby honda and I get to ride around in it instead of usually waiting for the bus or train hehe
I wana get a job!! Cant someone juz blardee give me one, sem and I have yet worked a proper job..feel like a loser
Well oh anyways I've gotten a chance to go to Ballarat again and Mornington for hols.. blardee orchards are all botak, why didn't we thought of that, its freakin winter..doofuss sialness..okie now Wee wana test Guitar Heroes haha, let the battle beginnnNNNNnnnnNNNNN~~