Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mt Dandenong!

Whee went to Mt Dandenong today, that . was . a . blast. heheh oh well yeah the fact that it's not freezing adds to the awesomeness. Obviously we went there to eat drink and eat plus abit of ' I'm aMAZEd game' (don blame me, that's what they wrote on the badge, the so called reward for finishing the maze).
Stop number one is ofcourse Miss Marple's tea house for their famous scones but since it was full we had to wait for like 20 mins, gotta axed that out from the 1st stop. During the wait we went for the oh very yummyfeelslikei'minheaven Lindt dark hot chocolate nearby. one word 'xing fu' hehe...The scones at Miss Marple's are not like to die for but the ambience there kills, it's just so 'Cheers' feeling. erm abit of a teapot club feeling because we were surrounded by em.
Next we went to the top known as skyhigh to have a peekaboomboom but there weren't alot in particular other than the breathtaking view. Well and also 'I'm aMAZEd' maze that is.
Ahh tired, btw Wii kills it's like worst than cardio exercise, highly recommended for fat burnout. Will post pics from the trip in the next post I think. I hope. can't promise.

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