Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trouble in every paradise?

Trouble seems to be knocking on evryone's door today, can't deny when it comes to thee as well. And so how do u deal wit trouble knockin at ur door? I suppose my way of dealing with them is by sorting it out by urself. Bring on that challenge biatchh!! yeah that kinda way. You can talk to ur friends about it obviously but hey ur friends can only give u second opinions or make u feel better the end u face this battle alone..What u can try NOT TO DO is runaway from it. And remember in the battle u don't want to win or lose, u only want the lesson u can learn from it which makes u stronger in each and every way. OKay.. ermm am I making any sense here? Oh what the hey.. here are the pics I promised ;)

Welcome to Miss Marples! Second from left is oh the very famous scones at Miss Marples, and the oh so yummy drink is the Lindt dark hot choco drink! slurrppp. And the bistro at skyhigh.

Scones with homemade jam and whipcream :) thats the way! plus breathtaking view! mamamia! U could even see CBD from there ;) well from here we can tell Melbourne not a very 'building' country hohoho

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