Monday, July 21, 2008

BIG sigh..

Having alot loada trouble to pick one elective, first I chose BHS which I thought would be pretty easy till I saw the assignment Q. It's like a choice between Terrorism, Rudd and Aboriginals in Ozzie and one more which I forgot and it's like I have really shallow knowledge about all of it. And so i dropped it and took another sub, then another one because one is the toughest in the particular major and one is really hard to score. and so I took introduction to tourism, looks kinda interesting and I think I made the right choice, I hope.
When I think about me graduating this year, it's like KAbOOOOM..harsh so harsh, I wana remain a is so good dis way, and when I think bout applying the PR and stuff it really drives me nuts because I know I have to get an agent but my bum is heavy
Moi parents sent me an email because they're worried that I'll be angry and dissapointed becoz they won't be able to make it to my graduation ceremony, it brought me to tears because I'm really dissapointed but ofcoz who am i to be angry * not like i frigging got first honours or sumthin*

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