Monday, July 14, 2008


Can't believe Im having my 1st class of my final sem 2morrow, darn many friends have left yet I didn't have the chance to say goodbye, Mel is flying back 2morrow.. hope u will have a safe flight, with less one person in the house its friggin obvious things will be abit differrent but ofcourse on the bright side 2 of my good frens are coming to melbie for hols :)
cant wait till i c u guys
been playing with Wee's Wii heheh, cooking mama is pretty interesting, but truthfully once u get a hand of it and no doubt anyone can get a hang of it, its pretty...siennss coz it's got the same pattern for different dishes and I disliked how it made me very hungry...have been pretty lucky lately coz Wee just got her baby honda and I get to ride around in it instead of usually waiting for the bus or train hehe
I wana get a job!! Cant someone juz blardee give me one, sem and I have yet worked a proper job..feel like a loser
Well oh anyways I've gotten a chance to go to Ballarat again and Mornington for hols.. blardee orchards are all botak, why didn't we thought of that, its freakin winter..doofuss sialness..okie now Wee wana test Guitar Heroes haha, let the battle beginnnNNNNnnnnNNNNN~~

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