Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kwon BOA!!

I have no nuts idea why I suddenly developed this liking for Boa, started to watch all her MV and all sort, she's got a bootiful voice and I love how she movess.. and so went to google.com and type Kwon Boa!! tada, her Burfday was the same as mine which is the 5th of Nov, was kinda shocked heheh coz I rarely know any Scorpios..but hell yeah she made my day! Its like self 'suang' feeling haha coz same birthday as a dam kao hawt celebrity..okie prepare to battle for 2 papers 2morrow :S .............. AND for some who don't know who hugecelebrityhawtsingerdancerkoreanjapanaenglandspeaking Boa is..show u pic of her..looking so very fine here :)

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