Saturday, December 27, 2008


I really am confused. Am I horrible? or I am just sensitive. To have the thought of me thinking about these. Horrible ain't I? Wish I wasn't me sometimes. Wish I wouldn't just run. But when I stop running. I turn to these thoughts. Negative ones. So should I escape or should I just face these thoughts? Battling these things are not my area of expertise. I've ran, I've chased them, I just never thought they would come back crawling to me. Anyone wait for me will you. Seriously I sound like some psychopath and I'm writing these when I actually hate people posting about these stuffs. Food for thoughts: I Aint no Emo.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Easy Bake Butter Cake and What I want for Xmas :P

Got the easy to bake butter cake recipe from

125g butter, softened
1/2 cup caster sugar (skipped this out, I used 2/3 cup white sugar )
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (must okie)
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 1/4 cups self-raising flour
, sifted (didn;t sift either, turns out fine)
1/4 cup buttermilk or milk ( I used 2/3 cup Milk)
2 teaspoons boiling water ( yeah, skipped this one too)
pure icing sugar, to serve ( No icing for my cake, it's up to u )

1. Preheat oven to 170°C. (Fan- forced). Grease your blardee pan, I used the standard round one.
2. Just mix evrything !! but do the eggs the last please. Just throw in, don't have to pour in like a slow poke.
3. Stir the mixture!! and if you stirred it clockwise, don't suka hati go and stir counter clockwise. Stir until your mixture lose the rocky roads. Put it in the oven and wait for 30-40 minutes. Fan- forced :)

Yar , base was abit black i tink coz my butter was cheapskate haha..but the cake dam kao moist.
And can I have a DS Lite (Crimson Red) Brain Age Bundle for XMAS >.< .

Looks dam awesome man the colour.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


AND recession hits me right in my face.

Just bought Pro Evo Soccer 2009 for me bro from EB Games for $49.95 ..the obsurd part is Pro Evo 2008 which was PREOWNED in JB Hifi was $59... Electronic goods and games here has got drastic price difference. and I mean massive..U can go to EB and Guitar Hero 3 is $149 but at JB, just ask for a price reduction and they sell it to u for $117.

If you want to get DS Lite games now like brain training stuff, head to Myers in Chadstone, think they are cheaper now compared to EB and JB, it's $35 there.

EB's offering 3 for $40 now but boy you can only find fifa fifa nba nba boxing ..the pattern ain't gonna change.

Can someone get me the Freddy Krueger collection, it's like over $70. I'm KONGED.

A picture for the day ..What I wore and a picture with bro and ah soh. I told the photographer my bro and my sis in law..Wooooot :P

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jimmy Choo..KookyChoo..

Now just read the news about Jimmy Choo trying to sue this NZlander because their website add is Like if u were really broad- minded, why would you even care to sue them. Let's see..because HE has the Money and the Power, not to mention oh im so famous because SarahJessicaParker wears me. Hey Hey she was voted one of the worst dress celebrity previously.

Not to mention the owner of the website has no ill intentions and has a family to support. Her websites weren't even selling related stuff CHOO, so give it a break dude. The women doesn't even have sufficient funds to defend her case.

Okie let's not see this from the perspective that I can't own a Jimmy Choo, but u gotta admit it is ridiculous. And I don't fancy Jimmy's shoes. :)

Friday, December 19, 2008


This is a combination of fettucine and elbow pasta and the base of the sauce is a readypacked one ( I used Coles Bolognese). I added chopped carrots and ligthly fried chopped scallops. And crushed abit of the smoke salmon into the pasta because I didnt add any salt at all =) And ofcourse at the end I added cheese (used Kraft) on low budget LOL.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Into the Wild and Freedom Writers

Just watched two veryvery good movies today and coincidently both are inspired by true stories. Freedom Writers tells the story of different skin colours in the Room 230 of Wilson School and the teacher that brought them together with her methods was acted by Hilary Swank ( Million Dollar Baby and Boy's Don't Cry superduperaktress). Now she is amazing, and I meant both the real teacher who did it and Hilary Swank ofcourse.

Into the Wild which I think was directed by Sean Penn is a great story although quite draggy I must say (2 1/2 hrs !).
Let's start on Christopher Johnson McCandless who was an American wanderer who hiked into the Alaskan wilderness with little food and equipment, hoping to live a period of solitude. Nearly four months later, he died of starvation . I couldn't really understand what his trip was set out to be, he wasn't seeking for any answers. I felt he just wanted to be away. In other words, I felt he was trying to escape from reality, todays life.
His last words were "I HAVE HAD A HAPPY LIFE AND THANK THE LORD. GOODBYE AND MAY GOD BLESS ALL!". I felt greatly for the pain of his family and more for him. To live such a short happy life or would I say to die alone.

okay what I'm trying to say is I know that books inspired movies don't always turn out the way everyone expects them to be after reading the books like Duh Harry Potter. But Freedom Writers and Into the Wild is as good as it gets.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Heart feels heavy, mum sent me an email to wish me Happy Birthday and she mentioned that the job is getting tougher with more demanding clients.

And for me to be so selfish, feeling so dissapointed they cannot attend my convo..When people asked me if my parents were coming? I just said no and they asked me why? I..just like u, don't know.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Im having a paper 2morrow and I'm facing random restlessness feel..damn..I can't do anything! I feel guilty if I watch a movie but I can't look at U (miss super need attention book) rite now..Will someone be so kind to guide this poor soul :(
I'm probably sputtering gibberish words right now, loook at the stars, look how they shine for uu..knn no stars only got ceiling..*faints*

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've just recently bumped into this hk tv show 'GuaiTan'. They've recorded several cases in Malaysia where one of which is the YingYing case, I'm not sure if anyone remember about the 3 year old kid who was murdered by Yingying's mother's bf, Ong. Not only that the heartless beast separated her body parts and dumped it at four different places. Have a look at the news to rewind @

The murderer Ong hanged himself in a prison clinic and his lawyer did not really understand why he did that because he sounded fine when he was going to represent him. I'm wondering if he really did commit suicide or did someone else do it for him, hmmm

The remarks from Yingying's mother about Ong's death was really URGHHH!! feellikeslappingherforherirresponsibilitiestillshewakesup..she said “It is only fair a life is paid with a life for what Ong had done to my daughter. I regretted having him as a boyfriend.”

anyway hope Yingying is living peacefully now w/o vengeance..if u want to watch guai tan u can always go to our most reliable source *winkwink* : mat yeh tube

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Declaring my luv for cheap food :)

Gosh ysterday was an absolutely superduperfriggingila tiring day, pratically met up for group assignment which took half of my day..Having two marketing assignments due on the same week is bad..beyond horrible :S
Meeting ended pretty late so I took the train instead of the latest bus and by the time I left campus wus pretty much almost emptied..fortunately I bumped into mr 4 choco icing sprinkled with coloured topping Donuts which cost me $0.99 ...hooray? :D but I had to force myself to finish it in 2 days because it was expiring the next day..
donuts for u and me, yay.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I have feelings too

Are some people just to plain rude to understand that people have feelings, I have not done anything but tolerate some of their absurd behaviour although I do not think I should have, but hey I still did, do they not realise I have feelings, I get hurt by harsh insults..haihz I can't understand why people like them exist, I can only get over this by consoling myself that the way they act made me feel like I'm a better person. Sigh. I hope the true colours of some people will just pop out and get them to learn something about themsleves and change for the better. C'mon we're grown ups already

Life is SHORT so make DESERT out of it.

I wana sleep! BUT I wana sleep knowing that I have enough time for tomorrow. But when I set the alarm for 10 I end up waking up at 11, right there goes an hour.
Life is really a vulnerable and very precious thing. But still in life we meet different situations which sets to complicate everything..How do you wana die? Have you ever thought about it? Well for me, I want to die knowing I have tried my best in dealing with everything, of course abit of chitta chattering here and there, but I have always been honest, some people tend to add salt and pepper ...and as a daughter, I think I have done my part well, atleast I don't see my mum shedding tears for anythin I've caused and oh well I've always been a mummy's girl :)
I miss my mum, I wana to talk to her, anything through the phone or sms or email is todally improper.. I miss everything I used to be around, or even talk to, or the lil big thoughts, the food :S, astro :D my dog! I'm growing older am I.. so old and worn out, I think my dreams are slowly slipping away from me
Why is life so short and tough, I don't want to take the road less taken, I don't want to forget anything until I grow old and go practice tai chi
I just want a simple plain life, nothing more, nothing less.. thank you.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Let the pictures tell the story for lazy moi

Friday, August 22, 2008


I was watching the olympic tracks today and they were showing the qualifiers for relays 4 x 100m..both the US men and women were leading BUT they didnt get a good grip at the baton so both men and women relays messed up! like omg. karma? Jamaicans were awesome both men and women, props to them.
And yes I'm unbelievably happy because I get to go home :D I thought I wouldn't be going back till god knows when. but yay :)
There u go 2 unbelievables for the day! UNBELIEVABLE!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Strangers (2008).

Yes I just watched The Strangers (2008) yesterday, it's about a young couple staying in an isolated vacation home are terrorized by three unknown assailants.yes got hat from :)
They've got Liv Tyler and Gemma Ward in it. Yes u haf seen smashin Liv from Armageddon (don wana miss a thing :P) look absolutely gorgeous and you have Gemma Ward who is also a 1987 baby (goddamnit) and is actually discovered as a model turn actress. She is associated with several top brand fashion designer such as Dior, Prada, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent etc. AMAZING. oh plus shes an ozzie!
I would rate the show a 5 out of 10 and I'm being soft here. I think the film maker is trying to classify the show as psycho thriller BUT I believe the effect didn't work as well as it was suppose 2 be...the show started really emotional and slow..silence..sounds..flashbacks...ofcourse there's always obsurdity in psychothriller movie so I wouldn't touch that point. But let's face it, any possible thing that would make u jump out of the chair in the movie are basically noises made. like knocks on the door, bell sounds n etc.
I wouldn't watch the movie me it failed as a psychothriller movie..there'e no maniac or hyper paranoid effect to it..again Liv Tyler was gorgeous

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

POOR Basbketball performance by HOST!!

LIKE duh, sure lose la basketball China, perform damn horrible, worst than high school basketball, weightlifting was great for em and swimming not bad not bad..but cmon u haf yao ming that i don wana mention got FOULED OUT! haih dissapointed..

In addition to that, my ebay account kena compromise so I have to undergo this live chat thing with them to fix it, how bad was it? I was force to read about how to protect myself in future...torture man!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Dont cha just lurv em? got me hooked on the tv again :(
I'm not very keen on the openings but I did watch some, China was awesome, no dissapoinment at all except the normal marches which took c'mon get over it, just run n trip n fall n get over it..
Yeah I'm still watchin the games now haha, I didn't realise Japan's indoor volleyball was tat good, like super gd teamwork and even though they are all supershort *giggles* ..they can still kik US's butt real good..hope they win tho cuz they were awesome..and did anyone check out the hot dudes in Swimming..gawd, so many of em :)
I jus realise that evryone pities the women swimmers becoz of their bak 2 volleyball now ..tadas~

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ski trip!

Woke up at 5am this mornin for Mt Buller ski trip which was organise by Persatuan Orang Cina, yes I went to Mt Buller with a couple of snobbish kiddos from China and HongK. They deserve that designation, man the way they talk, like some kinda spoilt brats..deserve some spankin! Even my roomie agree with me on this so yeah it's not moi probs..okie just had to express abit of dissastisfaction :D:D
well yeah u know when u start watchin some sport on tv and u go "ahh, this might be a field I'm talented in", oh well I realised, I'm NOT born a skiier.. hahha..why? I can't ski! Yeah didn't took any lessons though, had to learn by shoving my butt against the snowy ice..But yeah it's alot of fun! Especially snow ball fight! Whee the chair lift was aso quite nice because u get good sceneries..I'm so dead tired. byebye.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


People make the worst mistakes ever, but where there is a will there's a way, so there's gotta b a way to correct it right? Why let the mistakes drag longer? fix it, don't just put action into words, put words into action alritey mate?

Malaysia authorities won in their bid to ban an Indonesian singer Inul Daratista from performing. Major reason was? "Erotic" plainly gibberish. Because she had drilling moves. LOL .
What a cracker!! History repeats itself if u get wat i mean ;)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fries attack!

I know okie it looks awesomely mouth-watering. It's topped with cheese curd and some gravy. damn i wish i was in ny.

And this is topped with cheese, guacamole, sour cream and some meat? Just head to ur nearest Mexican rest. and ask for Asada fries.
YUM plain yummy.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trouble in every paradise?

Trouble seems to be knocking on evryone's door today, can't deny when it comes to thee as well. And so how do u deal wit trouble knockin at ur door? I suppose my way of dealing with them is by sorting it out by urself. Bring on that challenge biatchh!! yeah that kinda way. You can talk to ur friends about it obviously but hey ur friends can only give u second opinions or make u feel better the end u face this battle alone..What u can try NOT TO DO is runaway from it. And remember in the battle u don't want to win or lose, u only want the lesson u can learn from it which makes u stronger in each and every way. OKay.. ermm am I making any sense here? Oh what the hey.. here are the pics I promised ;)

Welcome to Miss Marples! Second from left is oh the very famous scones at Miss Marples, and the oh so yummy drink is the Lindt dark hot choco drink! slurrppp. And the bistro at skyhigh.

Scones with homemade jam and whipcream :) thats the way! plus breathtaking view! mamamia! U could even see CBD from there ;) well from here we can tell Melbourne not a very 'building' country hohoho

Mt Dandenong!

Whee went to Mt Dandenong today, that . was . a . blast. heheh oh well yeah the fact that it's not freezing adds to the awesomeness. Obviously we went there to eat drink and eat plus abit of ' I'm aMAZEd game' (don blame me, that's what they wrote on the badge, the so called reward for finishing the maze).
Stop number one is ofcourse Miss Marple's tea house for their famous scones but since it was full we had to wait for like 20 mins, gotta axed that out from the 1st stop. During the wait we went for the oh very yummyfeelslikei'minheaven Lindt dark hot chocolate nearby. one word 'xing fu' hehe...The scones at Miss Marple's are not like to die for but the ambience there kills, it's just so 'Cheers' feeling. erm abit of a teapot club feeling because we were surrounded by em.
Next we went to the top known as skyhigh to have a peekaboomboom but there weren't alot in particular other than the breathtaking view. Well and also 'I'm aMAZEd' maze that is.
Ahh tired, btw Wii kills it's like worst than cardio exercise, highly recommended for fat burnout. Will post pics from the trip in the next post I think. I hope. can't promise.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Catchy ;)

LOL just heard this line on tv
Guy said to this chick "You look hot", girl replied "Doooo I?" with a flattered gawd is the most awesome day look and the guy replied "Flushed, over-heated". amazing.

Monday, July 21, 2008

BIG sigh..

Having alot loada trouble to pick one elective, first I chose BHS which I thought would be pretty easy till I saw the assignment Q. It's like a choice between Terrorism, Rudd and Aboriginals in Ozzie and one more which I forgot and it's like I have really shallow knowledge about all of it. And so i dropped it and took another sub, then another one because one is the toughest in the particular major and one is really hard to score. and so I took introduction to tourism, looks kinda interesting and I think I made the right choice, I hope.
When I think about me graduating this year, it's like KAbOOOOM..harsh so harsh, I wana remain a is so good dis way, and when I think bout applying the PR and stuff it really drives me nuts because I know I have to get an agent but my bum is heavy
Moi parents sent me an email because they're worried that I'll be angry and dissapointed becoz they won't be able to make it to my graduation ceremony, it brought me to tears because I'm really dissapointed but ofcoz who am i to be angry * not like i frigging got first honours or sumthin*

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dear Rainbow : )

Never really did like the rainy days here, but without em mrs rainbow wont pop out

Monday, July 14, 2008


Can't believe Im having my 1st class of my final sem 2morrow, darn many friends have left yet I didn't have the chance to say goodbye, Mel is flying back 2morrow.. hope u will have a safe flight, with less one person in the house its friggin obvious things will be abit differrent but ofcourse on the bright side 2 of my good frens are coming to melbie for hols :)
cant wait till i c u guys
been playing with Wee's Wii heheh, cooking mama is pretty interesting, but truthfully once u get a hand of it and no doubt anyone can get a hang of it, its pretty...siennss coz it's got the same pattern for different dishes and I disliked how it made me very hungry...have been pretty lucky lately coz Wee just got her baby honda and I get to ride around in it instead of usually waiting for the bus or train hehe
I wana get a job!! Cant someone juz blardee give me one, sem and I have yet worked a proper job..feel like a loser
Well oh anyways I've gotten a chance to go to Ballarat again and Mornington for hols.. blardee orchards are all botak, why didn't we thought of that, its freakin winter..doofuss sialness..okie now Wee wana test Guitar Heroes haha, let the battle beginnnNNNNnnnnNNNNN~~

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kwon BOA!!

I have no nuts idea why I suddenly developed this liking for Boa, started to watch all her MV and all sort, she's got a bootiful voice and I love how she movess.. and so went to and type Kwon Boa!! tada, her Burfday was the same as mine which is the 5th of Nov, was kinda shocked heheh coz I rarely know any Scorpios..but hell yeah she made my day! Its like self 'suang' feeling haha coz same birthday as a dam kao hawt celebrity..okie prepare to battle for 2 papers 2morrow :S .............. AND for some who don't know who hugecelebrityhawtsingerdancerkoreanjapanaenglandspeaking Boa u pic of her..looking so very fine here :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gan jong Gan jong!

Tomorrow 1st paper for this semester, nervous sial, heartbeat like when i bump into my crush, how? why does fate bring me to exams, don't like, benci..sial man..and why isn't the finale of One Tree Hill out yet?? Who did Lucas call? Whaddya ppl think? There were mixed opinions, but I'm guessing whoever he called, bailed on him..Tai Hei Sei!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Band of Horses Wo Ai Ni!

Yeah check out the band 'Band of Horses', their song The Funeral is just like one my my favourite..I don't think they're huge but their songs are friggin amazing. And ofcourse don't miss out on this indie band called Paper Rival, not sure if its Rivael , but oh boy Bluebird is just a smashing song. Man exams are comin up and I can totally feel the taste of it, bitter shiat taste of exams.. I have come up with ways to remind myself why exams are not that bad, that is if u compare them to working life. Heard alot of complaints from ajumah, ah pek, pat moh, ah sok that work is like plain shiat compared to student's life. Well ofcourse, u pay to study and u get paid for work. That SIMPLE~
Thou shall treasure thou's student life while thou does not have to work.
Having my first paper next week already, dumb Competition and Regulation paper, I really have no nuts idea about the regulations system to be perfectly honest. Why do people encourage competition? If they didnt encourage it, there wouldn't be regulations AND THEN I wouldn't have to take this subject..the world is nuts.. okay u guys wana know why there is competition? is simply because it's encouraged by various sectors. Why they wana encourage it? Dude? Like I'm super lazy to do anything but I still want to get paid for my part. Efficiency drop macam shooting star, no improvement. If I just procrastinate and still get paid for my job, our world is gona b like kampung. But not good meh Kampungness feeling? maintain environment what. Tak maintain dono how many generations later my cicit semua kenot survive. Omg I'm so long winded.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A used Turban costs around $150

I am beyond speechless

I stumbled upon this on ebay. I know. What is a Turban Mold doing on ebay .. it costs around 150 omg..faints*

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time friggin cepat

Man so tired today, suppose to have group meeting at Hargraves..mana tau they block the short pathway and make everyone take a BIG round ( though there was a shorter route BUT I was unaware so it's basically still Monashs punya fault) suka cari pasal la this Monash..
I don't know why my group started the assignment so LATEEE!! I think it's the nature of 'lam yan' always last minute..seriously I feel okay but don't know why I look like a zombie..thats wat Ive been told..ohhLite!! latest updatus is Melbourne is getting pretty dangerous nowadays , shoot here shoot there, wah scary man.. Oh and the funniest thing was WeeFong was saying that if she stumbled upon an accident, she'd rather die than be on a wheelchair..which ofcoz total rewinds u bak to One Litre Of Tears where she became a burden to ppl around her ANDD WeeFong dont wana end up like that (A BURDEN) ..But personally I feel when you fall and people offer u help don't be reluctant to accept BUT don't entirely rely on them, I guess u must learn how 2 be more independent than before but I'm sure if u can get throught that, u can get through a higher obstacle in da future..ofcoz I believe eventually u will be rewarded : )
Blardee fool then what did I do to deserve this stupid MarketingResearchMethods assignment..... >.<

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jason Castro use to rock...used to

When I look back at Jason Castro of American Idols yst, man he totally changed how 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' is suppose 2 b like u know, thats why I love him, not very suitable for Idol though so I don't really care if he got eliminated..Darn yst was damn tiring coz why? no car lor, super mafan no car here..have to carry heavy groceries like strong man..Met my bro for kebabs yst and that was a killer..i asked him to order the family platter.. 'Family' but there was only me n him..totally butchered by the food here

OH and Happy Belated Birthday to MingYang boy who turned 20 this year, small kiddo hoho..and so we had a feast yest at Sofia's to celebrate and after that we went to Crown casino becoz he had never been there..haih better get back to assignments d *faints* feeling abit pumped up after watchin One Litre of Tears again hehe..that show is one heck of a motivator

From left , MingY chopchop cake, food, more food.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Life is unfair.

I bet lotsa ppl have heard about the cyclone that hit Burma during the weekend I think, up to date 100,000 people have been killed, like omg that is one huge huge sum and like 1,000,000 is currently in need for shelter, the US president and Australian prime minister appealed to the Burmese government to accept their assistance..hmm this is weird, must appeal? Is there something I don't know about the political collusion between the Burma govt and the US+ AUst? But seriously, I've given a thought about this..yst I was just having curry for dinner ( wah imagine bread dip in curry ~*heaven*~)..and in the other part of the world, people are desperate for even just for a bite of bread..and I had bread to dip in curry, that does not make me evil does it??
Life is unfair. Okie skip it..dam sad la tok about Burmese victim while I can't do anything.
Yesterday I just had a long chat with my good fren Annie, dam that felt good hahah..and congrats to Annie for feeling what she never really felt before..Dam I miss home..Howz Richie boy?? I bet his pissing everywhere in the house and my Dad will prolly step on it :D
Wah dam kao piss, at this very moment Brenda show me that my camera can be purchased for 50 bux cheaper....WAHLAO, 5 meals there..MYERs barang is a total ripoff

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

woohoo backk!

Yes after a billion years I'm finally back again...and ofcoz the reason behind it is because I've been reading lotsa comments about Malaysian Online DreamGirl Thingy..It's kinda like a Malaysia Next Model Search contest but it's an online thing. Wah, like who knew Malaysian could have caused such controversy.. I read that Cindy (The winner), her dad paid to ensure her spot as the winner , I really have no comment on this because I don't have prove BUT surely her family had something to do with her winning. WHY? u ask me? aiyoh the dummy Elaine Daly make it so obvious on stage that she despise Cindy, Damn I was so wrong looking up to ELaine Daly becoz I tot she wus kinda H0t..Yeah u wana know wat happened? This is what happened, when she Elaine wus introducing the 3 top Finalists on stage, ON STAGE u see...she kinda like only mentioned she saw like both ADELINE and HANIS ( top 3 finalists) blossomed throughout the competition, TILL Cindy's turn was like a *PIAKPIAK* on Cindy's face...Elaine Daly just blurt out on stage that Cindy had a great family her opinion is that CINDY can remain as the top 3 because of her family only...HEy u haven't heard about the dumbest part of THIS ok, Elaine Daly asked Cindy's father to raise his hand, like WTF WTF, ur either dumb or stupid, I don't see any other explanation for dis act.
I don't know if anyone really listened but before introducing the 3 finalists, ELaine Daly Cakap, in her so slumber hosting that is horrible way, "This competition is solely based on SMS only, so if you don't like the winners yada yada (which of course she knew was WHOM)" she mentioned like don't come and hunt the judges or something.
Why didn't she do something about it if she so not satisfied? Don't say rubbish like I can't becoz yada yada yada, U CAN IF U WANT TO. Heard that Elaine graduated with a law degree, so tiu kah the law grads only.
YEAH anyways MOI! got a new camera, WHY? 1st : saya takde satu 2nd : take pics of barang to sell on Ebay >.<

But from this I also learn that if u wana get something from MAMA, u just gota get straight to the point
LAST TIME ' MAh, I don't have this yada, I need this to yada' probability that it works = 40%
NOW ' MAh, Can I buy yada?' probability that it works = 90%
ASKINg my Dad is 100% Canon 80IS , yoyo it's pinko!!