Sunday, August 10, 2008


Dont cha just lurv em? got me hooked on the tv again :(
I'm not very keen on the openings but I did watch some, China was awesome, no dissapoinment at all except the normal marches which took c'mon get over it, just run n trip n fall n get over it..
Yeah I'm still watchin the games now haha, I didn't realise Japan's indoor volleyball was tat good, like super gd teamwork and even though they are all supershort *giggles* ..they can still kik US's butt real good..hope they win tho cuz they were awesome..and did anyone check out the hot dudes in Swimming..gawd, so many of em :)
I jus realise that evryone pities the women swimmers becoz of their bak 2 volleyball now ..tadas~

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