Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ski trip!

Woke up at 5am this mornin for Mt Buller ski trip which was organise by Persatuan Orang Cina, yes I went to Mt Buller with a couple of snobbish kiddos from China and HongK. They deserve that designation, man the way they talk, like some kinda spoilt brats..deserve some spankin! Even my roomie agree with me on this so yeah it's not moi probs..okie just had to express abit of dissastisfaction :D:D
well yeah u know when u start watchin some sport on tv and u go "ahh, this might be a field I'm talented in", oh well I realised, I'm NOT born a skiier.. hahha..why? I can't ski! Yeah didn't took any lessons though, had to learn by shoving my butt against the snowy ice..But yeah it's alot of fun! Especially snow ball fight! Whee the chair lift was aso quite nice because u get good sceneries..I'm so dead tired. byebye.

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