Sunday, December 21, 2008


AND recession hits me right in my face.

Just bought Pro Evo Soccer 2009 for me bro from EB Games for $49.95 ..the obsurd part is Pro Evo 2008 which was PREOWNED in JB Hifi was $59... Electronic goods and games here has got drastic price difference. and I mean massive..U can go to EB and Guitar Hero 3 is $149 but at JB, just ask for a price reduction and they sell it to u for $117.

If you want to get DS Lite games now like brain training stuff, head to Myers in Chadstone, think they are cheaper now compared to EB and JB, it's $35 there.

EB's offering 3 for $40 now but boy you can only find fifa fifa nba nba boxing ..the pattern ain't gonna change.

Can someone get me the Freddy Krueger collection, it's like over $70. I'm KONGED.

A picture for the day ..What I wore and a picture with bro and ah soh. I told the photographer my bro and my sis in law..Wooooot :P

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