Sunday, September 07, 2008

Life is SHORT so make DESERT out of it.

I wana sleep! BUT I wana sleep knowing that I have enough time for tomorrow. But when I set the alarm for 10 I end up waking up at 11, right there goes an hour.
Life is really a vulnerable and very precious thing. But still in life we meet different situations which sets to complicate everything..How do you wana die? Have you ever thought about it? Well for me, I want to die knowing I have tried my best in dealing with everything, of course abit of chitta chattering here and there, but I have always been honest, some people tend to add salt and pepper ...and as a daughter, I think I have done my part well, atleast I don't see my mum shedding tears for anythin I've caused and oh well I've always been a mummy's girl :)
I miss my mum, I wana to talk to her, anything through the phone or sms or email is todally improper.. I miss everything I used to be around, or even talk to, or the lil big thoughts, the food :S, astro :D my dog! I'm growing older am I.. so old and worn out, I think my dreams are slowly slipping away from me
Why is life so short and tough, I don't want to take the road less taken, I don't want to forget anything until I grow old and go practice tai chi
I just want a simple plain life, nothing more, nothing less.. thank you.


Poshweelicious said...

I agree with you life is damn short. Don't know when i will mati. But want to tell you that i am happy to have you as my ji mui and glad that i kenal kamu when i datang sini last year..bahahaha...muacks

N33R3S said...

yer :) ai ni!