Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Band of Horses Wo Ai Ni!

Yeah check out the band 'Band of Horses', their song The Funeral is just like one my my favourite..I don't think they're huge but their songs are friggin amazing. And ofcourse don't miss out on this indie band called Paper Rival, not sure if its Rivael , but oh boy Bluebird is just a smashing song. Man exams are comin up and I can totally feel the taste of it, bitter shiat taste of exams.. I have come up with ways to remind myself why exams are not that bad, that is if u compare them to working life. Heard alot of complaints from ajumah, ah pek, pat moh, ah sok that work is like plain shiat compared to student's life. Well ofcourse, u pay to study and u get paid for work. That SIMPLE~
Thou shall treasure thou's student life while thou does not have to work.
Having my first paper next week already, dumb Competition and Regulation paper, I really have no nuts idea about the regulations system to be perfectly honest. Why do people encourage competition? If they didnt encourage it, there wouldn't be regulations AND THEN I wouldn't have to take this subject..the world is nuts.. okay u guys wana know why there is competition? is simply because it's encouraged by various sectors. Why they wana encourage it? Dude? Like I'm super lazy to do anything but I still want to get paid for my part. Efficiency drop macam shooting star, no improvement. If I just procrastinate and still get paid for my job, our world is gona b like kampung. But not good meh Kampungness feeling? maintain environment what. Tak maintain dono how many generations later my cicit semua kenot survive. Omg I'm so long winded.

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Tatiana said...

Well said.