Thursday, May 08, 2008

Life is unfair.

I bet lotsa ppl have heard about the cyclone that hit Burma during the weekend I think, up to date 100,000 people have been killed, like omg that is one huge huge sum and like 1,000,000 is currently in need for shelter, the US president and Australian prime minister appealed to the Burmese government to accept their assistance..hmm this is weird, must appeal? Is there something I don't know about the political collusion between the Burma govt and the US+ AUst? But seriously, I've given a thought about this..yst I was just having curry for dinner ( wah imagine bread dip in curry ~*heaven*~)..and in the other part of the world, people are desperate for even just for a bite of bread..and I had bread to dip in curry, that does not make me evil does it??
Life is unfair. Okie skip it..dam sad la tok about Burmese victim while I can't do anything.
Yesterday I just had a long chat with my good fren Annie, dam that felt good hahah..and congrats to Annie for feeling what she never really felt before..Dam I miss home..Howz Richie boy?? I bet his pissing everywhere in the house and my Dad will prolly step on it :D
Wah dam kao piss, at this very moment Brenda show me that my camera can be purchased for 50 bux cheaper....WAHLAO, 5 meals there..MYERs barang is a total ripoff


XiaoWenYee said...

lol :p
i miss u so much eh but i hate ur stupid uncute dog for biting me

XiaoWenYee said...

btw, u r having the same camera as xiaxue,the sg blogger XD
i jz found out!!!

N33R3S said...

haha yes ah i think it's becoz it da best pink phone so far hehe, haha richie dont rely like u gua hahah

XiaoWenYee said...

richy memang the weirdest dog ever in this world!!!
he is abnorma,like u XD