Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've just recently bumped into this hk tv show 'GuaiTan'. They've recorded several cases in Malaysia where one of which is the YingYing case, I'm not sure if anyone remember about the 3 year old kid who was murdered by Yingying's mother's bf, Ong. Not only that the heartless beast separated her body parts and dumped it at four different places. Have a look at the news to rewind @

The murderer Ong hanged himself in a prison clinic and his lawyer did not really understand why he did that because he sounded fine when he was going to represent him. I'm wondering if he really did commit suicide or did someone else do it for him, hmmm

The remarks from Yingying's mother about Ong's death was really URGHHH!! feellikeslappingherforherirresponsibilitiestillshewakesup..she said “It is only fair a life is paid with a life for what Ong had done to my daughter. I regretted having him as a boyfriend.”

anyway hope Yingying is living peacefully now w/o vengeance..if u want to watch guai tan u can always go to our most reliable source *winkwink* : mat yeh tube

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