Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Chaddy VIP event day!!

YES YES!! I went to Chadstone today for the 15 Hour Shopping Event that started from 9 am till amazing coz its so rare to see shops closing here so late, usually the shop closes around 4 to 5 pm here, yes insane..and we did have a mini early bday celebration for Wee aka G.g1rl, my bestie since she's flying off before her birthday.

It wasn't what I would describe as a succesful suprise and yes I WILL take the blame for it because I left my phone (Like the most impt thing) which leads to communication breakdown!! haha yes i must admit without the mobile, life can get abit rocky.Hey I'm not taking full responsibility either becoz Brenda aka B made me so darn confuse. She was suppose to lie to Wee that she was not in Chadstone (the only part that she berjaya), instead of doing only what she was suppose 2 do, Brenda being B have to 'kah liu', she also lied to me that she couldnt make it (sweats) and so I was confuse on whether she was coming or not. I was however rather happy to see B becoz I always see her evrytime I wakeup n sleep and since her mum came, I haven't really been bumping into her that often .But ofcoz we still managed to suprise Wee coz Daniel aka G.g1rl's boy told her he was sleeping kakaka.

I think Wee has this obssesive compulsive disorder because she's like nuts over Peter Alexander ( famous pjamas shop ). Once she enters the shop, she goes "I want this, I want that" "Omg hen ker ai neh na ke". The funnist part is she even considered buying over Peter Alexander. I told her to prepare a proposal so that her Dad might consider taking over Peter Alexander. LOL!

Anyways I had a blast today other than the part where I kept bumping into my brother. There were free Strongbows on ice, candy flosses and popcorns!! damn was I enjoying myself when I held a beer and ate popcorn on the other hand .Thumbs Up!! Then I had sushi and bubble tea for dinner..ahh that was the bomb.

Thats all for my bootiful day as for now.

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